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Sun 27 September 2020
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West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch

We are the recognised association for the West Merica Police Force area, that being Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. We have tried to bring many of the resources you will need to register your scheme or join an existing scheme all on one page.

We can provide window stickers and street signs for registered members/schemes free of charge
(subject to availability and delivery charges) 

Join Neighbourhood Watch  - simply register.

It is simple to register, use this link to to the Neighbourhood Watch National website and register using the form on the home page.

Is there a scheme in my area

Using the scheme search on our home page or the home page of the website enter your postcode.

A beginners guide to Neighbourhood Watch

Guide to starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Quick GUIDE starting a scheme

Guide to being a scheme coordinator coming soon.

Template Letter for new scheme members

If you are setting up a new scheme or run an existing scheme, please encourage your neighbours / members to also register.

It is important to register to be a member of Neighbourhood Watch.

Window stickers and street signs

Any registered* members of Neighbourhood Watch are eligible to apply for window stickers, where appropriate we recommend a sticker at the font and rear/side of the property where someone might have access.  They should be placed in a prominent location to be visible before someone enters you property.

If your vehicles are parked on or near your property you might also consider placing a sicker in the front window where the tax disc used to go, as this might be a more visible location.

Any registered* scheme of more than 5 households will qualify for free street signs. (Subject to availability)  
We might have to charge for delivery if we need to package and post the signs/stickers.

Contact us by email  for details.

[Registered* - refers to members and schemes registered on the National Neighbourhood Watch website]