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Wed 20 February 2019
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West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch

We are the recognised association for the West Merica Police Force area, that being Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. We have tried to bring many of the resources you will need to register your scheme or join an existing scheme all on one page.

You can click on each of the boxes in the image below to open a new popup page that will take you to the various pages to help you make the most of the opportunities you have to register for Neighbourhood Watch and Police information services.

A beginners guide to Neighbourhood Watch

Guide to starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Quick GUIDE starting a scheme

Guide to being a scheme coordinator              coming soon. 

Letter for new scheme members

Click on the tiles below to go to the pages where you can perform the various tasks to setup your new Neighbourhood Watch scheme, when you click the first option a new popup window will open, each option you click after that will open in the same popup window.

      First do a search on your postcode to see if there is already a scheme covering your neighbourhood or street.
Register using an email or phone number, when you see "Please click JOIN below" choose "Skip to Next Step" instead of "JOIN US"
Once you have entered the verification number, and a Registration completed page is shown, you will receive and email. Click the link to activate your membership.
  You now need to login to Neighbourhood Alerts using your email address and password.
Choose to join an existing scheme or to create a new one.  You can create your own scheme even if there is one already in your neighbourhood or street. 
You can download this sample PDF letter and modify it to send to your neighbours inviting them to join your scheme.  (GDPR Safe)
Most areas of West Mercia have a dedicated Official Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page, find your nearest page(s) and follow them to keep up to date with local news.
Click this link to send us an email, telling us about your scheme, we will help you with window stickers and signs, (stocks permitting) and approve your scheme.
Finally you can register with the West Mercia Police Community Messaging System. You can receive updates from the Police about reported crime in your area.

If you are setting up a new scheme or run an existing scheme, please encourage your neighbours / members to also register.

It is important to register to be a member of Neighbourhood Watch.