Neighbourhood Watch
Sat 08 August 2020
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West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch

We are here to help reduce crime and the fear of crime, support the victims of crime, and promote crime prevention through community involvement.  

West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch Forum is here to support all local schemes in the counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire, we are the officially recognised representative body for Neighbourhood Watch for the are covered by West Mercia Police Force.  

Neighbourhood Watch is the UK's largest voluntary movement, the first UK watch scheme was setup in 1982, and the national body was formed in 2007 to support the Neighbourhood Watch schemes for England and Wales. 

We are supported by the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner and the West Mercia Police 

We are in the process of writing more information about the West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch, we hope to have updates soon

For more information email:
call 07 429 79 55 47